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Boston's housng should be more like Legos
As I recently watched my 7-year-old nephew effortlessly assemble a fabulous building from Lego pieces, it gave me an idea about Boston's housing needs. Maybe Boston officials and developers could learn something from him and those easy-to-use reusable blocks...
...[
  Will Modular Homes Make You Rethink Your Housing Options?
It seems that everywhere you turn online, you see another picture of a fabulous modular home, built in a factory but looking every bit as good as any home built on-site...
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  Modular Construction
Permanent Modular Construction (PMC) - "PMC" is an innovative, sustainable construction delivery method utilizing offsite, lean manufacturing techniques to prefabricate single or multi-story whole building solutions in deliverable module sections...
  ...[

As no two projects are alike, Arcon Group can meet your needs with a variety of services:

  General Construction
  Modular Manufacturing
  Subcontracting for General Contractors
  Project Management
  Consulting to:
      - General Contractors
      - Building Owners
      - Architects
      - Program Managers
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Corporate Office:
Arcon Group Inc.
195 Airport Road
Selinsgrove, PA 17870

Connecticut Office:
Arcon Group Inc.
203 Main Street
Middletown, CT 06457

Established in 1995, Arcon Group Inc. is an on-site construction services provider and manufacturer in the modular construction industry. Arcon Group services clients in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Rhode Island, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio and Washington DC with cost-effective turn-key building solutions.
April 2015
  Current Projects:

Microtel Inn:

The modular manufacturing portion of the Microtel Inn project is well underway, shipping is expected soon.



Microtel Production
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  Arcon Personnel Changes:

Bill GoodArcon Group, Inc is excited to announce the addition of Bill Good as Production Manager. Bill brings almost 30 years of manufacturing and site management experience within the modular construction industry. The addition of Bill to the production team is expected to enhance Arcon's overall abilities and lead the way towards greater capacity.

"We are extremely pleased to have Bill onboard," stated Bud Miller, Arcon President. "Bill is extremely well respected in the industry and we are confident that Bill will play a critical role in future growth at Arcon."

Bill will beworking out of Arcon’s manufacturing complex in Selinsgrove, PA. He can be reached at 570-374-3711, or via email at


Fred ShankweilerArcon Group, Inc. is pleased to welcome Fred Shankweiler to the Arcon team. Fred brings almost 25 years of experience in the construction industry.

Fred will be responsible for all phases of projects he is assigned. His involvement will range from assistance with initial site evaluation, estimating, purchasing, contract administration and project management.

"Fred is a great addition to the team", stated Bud Miller, Arcon President. "He has proven himself through involvement with all phases of construction. His skillset and knowledge makes a true resource for our clients."

Fred will be working out of Arcon’s corporate complex in Selinsgrove, PA. He can be reached at 570-374-3711 or via email at


Amanda DeubnerArcon Group, Inc. is pleased to welcome Amanda Deubner to the Arcon team. Amanda brings almost 17 years of experience in Accounting.

Amanda will be responsible for accounting and payroll operations for the Company. "It is terrific adding Amanda to our team", said Bud Miller, President of Arcon Group, Inc. "Her knowledge and experience will continue to allow us to provide an excellent experience for our employees, customers, and vendors."

Amanda will be working out of Arcon’s corporate complex in Selinsgrove, PA. She can be reached at 570-374-3711 or via email at

  Arcon Group, Inc. Opening Middletown, CT Office:

Arcon Group, Inc., a modular manufacturer and general construction firm with corporate offices in Selinsgrove, PA has announced its intent to open a regional office at 203 Main Street in Middletown, CT. The Middletown office will open its doors in May of 2015.

"We are extremely enthusiastic about the opening of our new office," stated Bud Miller, President of Arcon Group. "This expansion is the direct result of Connecticut's continued commitment to modular construction and the number upcoming projects already under Arcon management in Central Connecticut."


April 2015

When it comes to construction, the idiom "the devil is in the details" rings load and clear. Understanding all aspects of the job, and getting down to the most intricate detail is often the key to a successful project. That level of scrutiny and focus is one of Arcon Groups greatest strengths - in fact, I submit that the Arcon team is among the best in the industry!

At Arcon, our team of construction professionals take pride in our ability to bring a high-level of focus to each job under our management. Our attention to detail starts from the very initial look at a prospective project.

Our ability to work with architects and engineers throughout the design stage, allows our team to provide the guidance and suggestions necessary for a successful construction project. We look at design as the opportunity to "get it right" - meaning not only "design" as it relates to code related issues, but also "design" as it relates to efficient and cost effective construction. If you design something that isn't a friendly build, it can have a tremendous financial impact.

One of the other areas that details are critical is in the coordination of subcontractors. From selecting the right parties for the job, to scheduling properly in order to achieve the project schedule, the Arcon team has the experience necessary to get it right. This holds true in procurement as well. Selecting the right vendors and negotiating the right price is also essential to bringing a project in on budget and on schedule. This is yet another strength of the Arcon team.

I think at the end of the day, it's Arcon's ability to look at a project in its entirety that makes us so strong at project management. We try to anticipate the challenges and pitfalls that may exist, and we identify solutions early on in the process in order to avoid those pitfalls.

All of this may sound like the "obvious," but I will tell you that if a General Contractor or Construction Manager does not have this skillset, the project is destine for problems.

If you're ready to put the power and experience of the Arcon team to work for you, give us a call today.

We think you'll be glad you made the call.


  If you would like to schedule a meeting with Arcon Group and find out how the modular process can be applied to your project, please contact Sales at 570-374-3711.
Arcon Group Inc. Corporate Office:
195 Airport Road | Selinsgrove, PA 17870
Arcon Group Inc. Connecticut Office:
203 Main Street | Middletown, CT 06457