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First new Breezy Point homes are starting to rise after Superstorm Sandy
About 70 more homeowners in the rockaway beach community have submitted applications to rebuild; The one couple has gone the modular home route to get into their house quickly.
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  Housing, Economy to Continue their Upward Path, Economists Explain
A growing economy, pent-up demand, competitive mortgage rates and affordable home prices will keep housing on an upward trajectory through 2015, according to economists who participated in the NAHB 2014 Spring Construction Forecast Webinar on April 23...
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  Returning veterans get help finding homes
At a time when home buyers are hard to come by, severely injured veterans returning from the Middle East are finding it even more difficult to find homes that fit their special needs. But despite the housing industry's problems, it is rising to the occasion...
  ...[

As no two projects are alike, Arcon Group can meet your needs with a variety of services:

  General Construction
  Modular Manufacturing
  Subcontracting for General Contractors
  Project Management
  Consulting to:
      - General Contractors
      - Building Owners
      - Architects
      - Program Managers
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Corporate Office:
Arcon Group Inc.
195 Airport Road
Selinsgrove, PA 17870

Connecticut Office:
Arcon Group Inc.
199 Elm Street
New Canaan, CT 06840

Established in 1995, Arcon Group Inc. is an on-site construction services provider and manufacturer in the modular construction industry. Arcon Group services clients in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Rhode Island, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio and Washington DC with cost-effective turn-key building solutions.
July 2014
A closer look at the the Arcon Corporate Complex:
Corporate Office Photo
Corporate Complex Detail
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  Turnkey Solution for Single Family Builders:

Arcon Group, Inc. is pleased to announce an exciting new program for single family modular home builders. Now, single family modular builders can turn to Arcon Group for manufacturing, delivery, installation and finish of residential modular homes. That’s right, a complete turnkey package direct from the factory.

“The time is right for such a service,” stated Bud Miller, President of Arcon Group. “There has always been a bit of disconnect from factory to finish home -- the Arcon Turnkey Solution will fill that void. Now builders can focus on working with the clients and driving more sales, while Arcon focuses on the construction. No more arguing about service or what the factory did or did not provide, Arcon handles all the details and the builders get to simplify their business.”

Turnkey packages vary from Total Turnkey, inclusive of site work; to Sill Plate up Turnkey, which focuses on the installation and finish of the modular units. Arcon’s goal is to develop a program that is a true “win-win” for the builder and Arcon. And, since every builders business is unique, it is safe to assume that each program will be customized to meet the need of the individual builder and market.

Arcon is currently setting up partnerships with builders in the Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania markets. For more information on becoming an authorized, independent Arcon Group Builder, contact Jason Sprenkel at 570-374-3711, ext. 1012 or

  Arcon Names Director of Sales:

Todd HullingerArcon Group, Inc. is pleased to welcome Todd Hullinger to the Arcon team. Todd brings more than 20 years of modular experience to his Director of Sales position at Arcon Group.

In a key leadership role, Todd will be responsible for generating new business opportunities for Arcon while nurturing the relationships with Arcon’s existing builder, developer and architectural partners. Todd will also be tasked with growing the Arcon sales team throughout the northeast and mid-atlantic markets.

“We are extremely pleased to have Todd onboard,” stated Bud Miller, Arcon President. “Todd is extremely well respected by his past clients and by industry associates alike; we are confident that Todd will be a great addition to the Arcon team and will play a critical role in future growth at Arcon.”

Todd will be working out of Arcon’s corporate complex in Selinsgrove, PA. He can be reached at 570-374-3711, ext. 1005 or via email at


Manufacturing from a General Contractors View

When it comes to building a modular project there has always been a rather definitive line drawn in the sand – the line between modular manufacturing and, well…everything else. It is very rare that someone has taken the time to review the project from a General Contractors viewpoint – analyzing everything about the project from initial shovel in the ground, through manufacturing, installation and final finish. Enter Arcon Group and our unique approach to modular manufacturing.

Since we purchased our manufacturing facility in October of 2013, we have heard from several of our clients that our approach is “unique, refreshing and even long overdue.” The obvious question is why? What makes the Arcon approach that much different?

We think the answer is simple – we are a general contractor first. This “GC first” approach positions us to look at each job as a total project. We make decisions and recommendations based on what is best for the project – not simply on what is best for manufacturing or what is best for onsite finish.

We were recently asked to review a project that was slated for production with another manufacturer. Upon the initial review of the drawings we made several suggestions that enabled the builder to reduce finish costs and improve efficiencies in the field. And guess what, it added very little to the manufacturing budget and actually reduced the overall project budget. This was accomplished with a cursory, 15 minute review of the plans.

When Arcon is involved from the very beginning of a project the true benefits of the modular process will be maximized. Our design and construction team work together diligently through the pre-construction process to guarantee that each and every aspect of the construction process is thoroughly thought out before the modules hit the line. Plus, because we handle all aspects of the construction process, our team focuses on the end result from the very beginning – which is delivering the best possible product to our client in the most cost-effective manner.

I know, it’s the proverbial “no-brainer,” right? We think so, but many developers tell us and we have experienced ourselves, that many manufacturers are unable to think outside the walls of the factory – and the GC’s don’t have the experience or knowledge of the manufacturing process to offer suggestions or improvements to the process.

Arcon’s General Contractor First approach is quickly positioning Arcon as the obvious choice for projects of all shapes and sizes. From single family homes, to multi-million dollar apartment projects – people are talking about Arcon Group. In fact, we recently had a developer tell us that after he visited with us, he talked to and visited no less than 6 other modular manufacturers. His comment to us upon his return was simply, “You guys get it – period! You’re my choice – and believe me when I say there isn’t a close second. You guys are by far the most professional team to work with.”

As the founder and President of Arcon Group, the above comment obviously makes me stand proud. I do firmly believe that the team we are building at Arcon, along with our unique approach to modular construction will position Arcon for great success in the years to come.

  If you would like to schedule a meeting with Arcon Group and find out how the modular process can be applied to your project, please contact Todd Hullinger at or call him at 570-374-3711, ext. 1005.
Arcon Group Inc. Corporate Office:
195 Airport Road | Selinsgrove, PA 17870
Arcon Group Inc. Connecticut Office:
199 Elm Street | New Canaan, CT 06840