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Modular buildings - an alternative solution healthcare construction
Modular construction is fast replacing traditional construction, not just in the United States but also in many other parts of the world. This is because modular construction has tons of benefits...
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  U.S. home builder sentiment rises in June: NAHB
U.S. homebuilder sentiment rose more than expected in June, hitting its highest level since September, the National Association of Home Builders said on Monday...
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  Factory Built Housing-Quality Housing Construction for the 21st Century
Manufactured homes have engraved a new look and reputation for themselves. Once known to be trailer homes, today manufactured homes integrate the latest designs with energy-efficiency that are built to fit any budget...
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As no two projects are alike, Arcon Group can meet your needs with a variety of services:

  General Construction
  Modular Manufacturing
  Subcontracting for General Contractors
  Project Management
  Consulting to:
      - General Contractors
      - Building Owners
      - Architects
      - Program Managers
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Corporate Office:
Arcon Group Inc.
195 Airport Road
Selinsgrove, PA 17870

Connecticut Office:
Arcon Group Inc.
300 College Street
400 Plaza Middlesex
Second Floor
Middletown, CT 06457

Established in 1995, Arcon Group Inc. is an on-site construction services provider and manufacturer in the modular construction industry. Arcon Group services clients in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Rhode Island, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio and Washington DC with cost-effective turn-key building solutions.
June 2015
  Current Projects:

Microtel Inn:

The Microtel Inn project set is underway.

Click the picture to view our Live project webcam!

Microtel Set Live View
  [View More »]  

Coming soon:

Keep an eye out for news about our many upcoming projects like a 96 module apartment complex, inner city multi family housing, more hotels, and residential housing.

  Arcon Videos:

We have added several short example videos to our youtube channel.

[Modular Production - Floors and Walls]

[Modular Production - Mid-Plant Top View]

[Modular Production - Sample Commercial Interior Finish]

[Modular Production - Finish End]

  Arcon Personnel Changes:

John SeesArcon Group, Inc. is pleased to welcome John Sees to the Arcon team. John brings over 25 years of drafting experience in the modular construction industry.

John will be responsible for the drafting of all projects he is assigned.

"John is a great addition to the team", stated Bud Miller, Arcon President. "and is a part of ramping up our manufacturing operations."

John will be working out of Arcon's corporate complex in Selinsgrove, PA. He can be reached at 570-374-3711 or via email at


June 2015

You have no doubt heard the expression, "a lot of moving parts." In construction, it's part of the game. The key to a successful project is having the right team to manage all those moving parts. When you select the Arcon Group, you have a team dedicated to making sure that all of those moving parts are moving in the same direction and towards a common goal - a project delivered on time and on budget.

At Arcon we have no choice but to be good at managing a lot of moving parts. We wear many different hats, each with their own unique set of variables. Think about, our total turnkey solution means we often times have it all - from design to finished project. That means, engineering, manufacturing, site work, transportation, installation and on-site finish. It's a lot to coordinate and it is certainly a lot of moving parts.

But, I submit to you that having a one-stop-shop coordinating all the moving parts actually makes for a more efficient and cost effective project. For instance, our ability to manage the engineering with an eye on manufacturing and on-site finish enables us to consider variables that many times go undiscussed during the design phase. Or, how about module installation. Because it falls under our scope of work, our manufacturing team not only thoroughly understands the installation process, but prides themselves on building a very "set-friendly" building. And transportation, while it might sound easy, can sometimes be anything but easy. Having one of the largest fleet of carriers in the modular industry and having a team of transportation specialists to coordinate the logistics allows us to successfully navigate even the most difficult transportation challenges.

Bottom line, "a lot of moving parts" is what Arcon is all about. For us, it's just another typical day in the modular construction business. For our clients, it's the comfort of knowing they have selected the right team for the job.

Put the power of the Arcon team to work on your next project. Give us a call today!


  If you would like to schedule a meeting with Arcon Group and find out how the modular process can be applied to your project, please contact Sales at 570-374-3711.
Arcon Group Inc. Corporate Office:
195 Airport Road | Selinsgrove, PA 17870
Arcon Group Inc. Connecticut Office:
300 College Street | 400 Plaza Middlesex 2nd Floor | Middletown, CT 06457