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A.M.O. Management�s Modular Apartments in Oakland Rise in Record Time
In just a few days, A.M.O. Management assembled a three-story modular building with six new apartments in Oakland. According to the Pittsburgh Business Times,...
...[
  Modular Type Of Office Buildings
Modern type of offices are being built using modular construction. Different units of the office are being constructed individually in building factories and later assembled on site which helps to reduce time, man-power and money, and thus proves quite feasible for office environments...
  ...[
  Boxed In: Modular Apartments Pitched for West Roxbury
Way back in the spring, developer Charles River Realty pitched a redevelopment of the old pharmaceutical factory on Lagrange Street in noted Roslindale neighbor West Roxbury into 62 apartments and 52 parking spaces...
  ...[

As no two projects are alike, Arcon Group can meet your needs with a variety of services:

  General Construction
  Modular Manufacturing
  Subcontracting for General Contractors
  Project Management
  Consulting to:
      - General Contractors
      - Building Owners
      - Architects
      - Program Managers
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Corporate Office:
Arcon Group Inc.
195 Airport Road
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Connecticut Office:
Arcon Group Inc.
199 Elm Street
New Canaan, CT 06840

Established in 1995, Arcon Group Inc. is an on-site construction services provider and manufacturer in the modular construction industry. Arcon Group services clients in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Rhode Island, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio and Washington DC with cost-effective turn-key building solutions.
October 2014
  Current Projects:

Enterprise Holdings:

The Enterprise Office Building is moving along nicely. Arcon Group is finalizing interior finish work on the building this week, which will complete Arcon's scope for the job. The project will be completed on time and on budget! Be on the lookout for some finished pics next month.




National Road Utility Supply Co:

It's an exciting week for this project! The modular units are complete and ready for shipment to the jobsite. In addition, Arcon is putting the finishes touches on the site work including the foundation. The modular units will be installed next week and the Arcon team will begin onsite finish work to complete the office building.

  Arcon Drafting Addition:

Kathy PollockArcon Group is pleased to welcome Kathi Pollock to the Arcon team. Kathi brings many years of drafting experience in both modular manufacturing and the professional engineering environments.

Kathi's main responsibility will be to perform coordination of information between outside design consultants and manufacturing.

"It is great adding Kathi to the Arcon team." said Jeff McCreary, Vice President of Arcon Group, Inc. "Kathi's experience and skill come to us just as we are preparing to expand our manufacturing operations."

  Expanding Operations:

web siteArcon Group, Inc. will be expanding our manufacturing operations over the next few months. We will be adding a significant number of construction and professional staff to our team. Take a look at our careers web page for a preview of the openings.

Arcon Careers


October 2014

It's a pretty safe bet that at one time or another, you've encountered the famous saying, "by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail." Benjamin Franklin is one of the most noteworthy to utter these words. At Arcon, we live and die by this virtue. Preparing and/or planning are critical to the success of each and every project under our management; and I am proud to say that planning is one of Arcon Group's core strengths.

From a single-family ranch home, to a multi-unit / multi-story apartment complex, the Arcon team of construction professionals begins each project by developing a detailed construction "plan" for the job. This plan has many aspects including, but not limited to, schedule, budget, labor requirements, and the individual task lists necessary to complete the job. While this "planning" may seem like the proverbial "no-brainer," it is not so typical in most modular projects. Sure, the manufacturer plans their part, the developer plans their part and the site contractor plans their part, but with the typical modular project an "all-inclusive plan" for the job is often missing. That's where Arcon shines. In fact, I submit to you that it is one of the many things that continue to position Arcon Group at the forefront of the industry.

Because we look at each job as "one total project," we are able to "plan" logically. We anticipate potential challenges and we try to navigate those challenges long before construction is started. And we continue to work and tweak the plan throughout the construction process.

We make decisions on what aspects of the job should be done in the factory vs. onsite. We determine which material is shipped direct to the job site for onsite installation, rather than shipping it "loose" to the site in a module and needing to "work around" the material during the finish process. And, when we do ship material loose in the modules, we actual plan as to how the material is loaded, so that when it gets to the job site the material we need first is easily accessible. Again, seems pretty obvious, but I've seen far too often that if a plan is not in place these details can cause great agony and increased costs in trying complete the job.

In addition, I think one of the keys and one of the other items that differentiate the Arcon planning process from typical construction management is the fact that we encourage employees from every aspect of the job to participate in developing and tweaking the plan. This team approach really enables us to capitalize on the skills and expertise of our team - especially those on the frontline.

No matter the size of the construction project, every job should start with a plan. And with all the moving parts associated with a modular job you need a General Contractor with the skills and expertise necessary to complete the job on time and on budget. You can feel confident that Arcon Group is that Company.

  If you would like to schedule a meeting with Arcon Group and find out how the modular process can be applied to your project, please contact Todd Hullinger at or call him at 570-374-3711, ext. 1005.
Arcon Group Inc. Corporate Office:
195 Airport Road | Selinsgrove, PA 17870
Arcon Group Inc. Connecticut Office:
199 Elm Street | New Canaan, CT 06840