Modular Construction

Modular construction is not a stiff prefabricated or manufactured product such as a mobile home. It has as much common with those types of construction methods as propeller planes have to jets. Modern modular construction is in many ways the cutting edge of the building industry. The pieces are manufactured in a controlled environment factory where trained professional use state of the art components and methods to create buildings that are unique, well made and well constructed. Because of our buying power, Arcon is able to build modular buildings using the finest materials and craftsmanship for a lower cost than onsite construction companies.

Once our clients have selected a design and chosen materials Arcon makes certain the building components are perfect and then transported to the site. From there other construction pros and crafts people, many from the communities where the building is being raised, work to fit the pieces together and make the building ready for occupancy.

Arcon Residential and Commercial Modular Construction

Modular Construction

Arcon specializes in both residential and commercial projects for:

  • Affordable Housing Construction
  • Hotel Construction
  • Student and Senior Housing Construction
  • Apartment Construction
  • Townhouses Construction
  • Single-Family Sub-Division Construction
  • Office Buildings & Classroom Construction

We Do It All

There is no need to hire contractors and sub contractors to get your job done inside and out. Arcon hires everyone and oversees the entire project including manufacturing, pouring concrete, hire roofing, siding, and flooring. Every construction project we take on is completed with exceptional attention to detail that makes the ultimate difference. Arcon's core services include:

  • Steel or wood-frame structures up to 10 stories
  • Experience with local building codes
  • Design and project consulting
  • Manage costs so there are no overruns
  • Complete site management from moving dirt to finished landscaping

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