Modular Construction Testimonials

At the Arcon Group, Inc., we pride ourselves on producing great work, developing lasting customer relations, and achieving a high customer satisfaction score with every modular construction project we complete! Here's what our customers and associates are saying...

     "I was initially not in favor of using a modular building component on this project. I then met Bud Miller from Arcon Group, Inc. and he took the time and effort to educate me on the modular process to include factory visit to inspect the product before leaving the factory. I was very impressed with the quality of the product and the onsite construction that Arcon Group, Inc performed for the site preparation to the very last detail of finish. When there was a question on what way something should be completed Bud Miller always said "the right way," and he was as good as his word. There were no corners cut on the New Canaan Housing Authority Project."

- Town of New Canaan (Ct.) Housing Authority Project, Brian Platz, Chief Building Inspector

     "Site preparation and scheduling is a key to any modular project. Bud Miller and Arcon Group, Inc. did not miss any details in regard to site preparation. We could pull right into the site and drop the units. This was the best site and coordination of a modular project due to Arcon Groups Attention to detail. All Modular Builders should use the New Canaan Housing Authority Project as an example how a modular project should be completed."

- Les Lyons, J & J Trucking on the New Canaan complex

     "Arcon Group, Inc and Bud Miller was one of the best companies to deal with. Not one single delivery date was missed by Arcon Group, Inc. As a matter of fact the schedule was accelerated because of Arcon Group's planning and attention to details. We would recommend Arcon Group to any of our customers to use as a General Contractor on any type of project."

- Icon Legacy Custom Modular Homes, Dan Stimley, CEO

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